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I started out writing solely for my daughter, (an Air Force Brat, since at the time there was little to no stories about children dealing with deployments) never thinking of publication. I have to admit when my husband talked me into trying for the brass ring, I took the first contract offered (HUGE mistake) for a two book deal. It wasn’t long before it hit the market in a big way and despite the terrible contract the subject matter really filled a need. MEMORIES OF ME went on to win, The Military Writers Society of America’s 2009 Silver Medal in the Children’s book category!

I fell into the Erotica genre on a dare, and as it turned out, SAVAGE CRAVINGS was my biggest earner for quite a few years. INSATIABLE, and CHASING THE NYMPH followed hot on it’s heels. Who knSavCravew I’d have a knack for it?

Insatiablesm_chasing_the_nymph (1)

Still, it was a short story written for the, All Romance e-Book’s story month newsletter (now defunct apparently), titled LORD EASTON’S BRIDE  that set me back on the road to Historical Romance. And I truly enjoyed writing two full length epic novels; SUPERSTITIONS DESIRE, and CHARMING THE CHIEFTAIN, which were very well received by critics and readers alike.



CTC coverYet, despite the success of these titles, I decided to take a few years off and regroup. Although feeling restless and searching for a new challenge–in all actuality I was still writing, researching, but making plans to branch out in a completely new direction once again. Unfortunately for me, I am not a writer who writes different genres simultaneously. After some thought, as well as, a lot of reading, I knew it was time to explore paranormal fiction (with elements of romance–I can’t leave it out completely!).

Now I’m back, and taking on a beloved genre. So, please keep it right here for goodies, information and details as my imagination unravels!



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